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Boot Small Robot Big genre_fiction:adventure stories


Published: 16 May 2019

Paperback / softback, 240 pages

Recommended for age 7+

By Shane Hegarty

Illustrated by Ben Mantle

Published by Hachette Children's Group

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hen toy robot, Boot, wakes up at a scrapyard, it has no idea how it got there and why it isn't with its owner, Beth. It only has two and a half glitchy memories, but it knows it was loved, which means something important to humans.

Boot soon realises its emotions make it different to other robots, who just function and don't think. Boot is scared but tries to be brave, which is hard when its screen keeps showing a wobbly, worried face. Luckily Boot meets Noke and Red - other 'advanced' robots who have learned to survive in secret.

With new friends by its side, Boot is determined to find Beth and the gang set off on a dangerous adventure. Everything Boot thought it knew about the world is changing, and things aren't as simple as it remembers

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Reviewed by Heather Hann

Boot is the story of a small robot, who wakes up lost and alone in a scrapyard, with only two and a half incomplete memories, but a strong sense of knowing he has been loved.

Having escaped the dangers of the scrapyard, Boot sets out, determined to find his owner Beth. Boot meets other robots who live in the city, including Noke, and Red and together they try to piece together where Boot came from and where he belongs. But the city is full of unexpected dangers around every corner, especially when any robot found by a human automatically belongs to them, to do with whatever they want and Flint and the Cutters are always on the lookout for robot spare parts for the scrapyard. But Boot isn’t a normal robot; he has a cartoon face display like other robots, but his words don’t come out quite the right way and he can feel emotions. Will he ever be able to find Beth and what will he discover about himself if he does?

This book would be a welcome addition to any classroom, either as a class read or shared reading texts. It is both a thought-provoking and exciting well-paced story which explores themes such as belonging and what it means to be important to someone. The central character reminded me of WALL-E and I loved the different personalities of the robots and the humans, which would lead to lots of class discussion. This is the first book in new series form the author of Darkmouth and I am sure that Boot will become a much-loved character. The descriptions in the text are developed further by Ben Mantle’s charming illustrations. I recommend this book and can’t wait to see what happens in his next big adventure!

Heather is currently the Head of School Improvement for a large MAT in Suffolk. Before that she spent 25 years teaching in Essex where she worked as a teacher and part of the Essex School Improvement Team as a Literacy Consultant; before finally becoming Headteacher of a Primary School. She loves reading, baking, visiting her beach hut and Wallace and Gromit; seeking out every opportunity to combine them wherever possible!

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