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Yayoi Kasuma Covered Everything in Dots and Wasn't Sorry

Yayoi Kasuma Covered Everything in Dots and Wasn't Sorry

Published: 12 Mar 2020

Hardback, 48 pages

Recommended for age 5+

By Fausto Gilberti

Published by Phaidon Press Ltd

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 A clever, quirky book about one of the world's most beloved contemporary artists - aimed at young readers and written from Kusama's point of view! Yayoi Kusama covers her paintings in hundreds and hundreds of dots. Her dots come off her canvases to cover dresses, tables, walls, and more! She creates mirrored rooms and fills them with glittering balls and lights, until there is an infinity of dots - just like in her paintings. Fausto Gilberti brings movement, life, and whimsy to the true life story of one of the most important contemporary Japanese artists of our time - an artist who is still dazzling museum- and gallery-goers around the globe today.

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