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Elephant Island

Elephant Island

Published: 1 Mar 2022

48 pages

Recommended for age 3+ and 5+

By Leo Timmers

Illustrated by Leo Timmers

Published by Gecko Press

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This title features in our Reading Gladiators™ selection.

Caught in a storm, Arnold the elephant washes up on a tiny island. Along comes Mouse in a little dingy and Arnold steps aboard...uh-oh! They use the wreckage to make the island bigger. And here’s Dog—can this boat take Arnold's weight? Uh-oh!

None of the animals can save the shipwrecked elephant but each broken vessel provides new materials for another intricate construction. Wheels and pulleys create a Ferris wheel, an elevator, a waffle maker. All the animals work as a team to build increasingly intricate constructions that turn the desert island into a fun park city. Soon there is a whole community and enough space for everyone!

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