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Dragon Detective: Catnapped! : 1

Dragon Detective: Catnapped! : 1

Published: 6 Feb 2020

Paperback / softback, 224 pages

By Gareth P. Jones

Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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"The Dragon Detective Agency. Dirk Dilly speaking."When detective Dirk Dilly gets a call from Holly, a young girl whose pet cat has gone missing, the dragon ends up with not only a new case to solve but also a self-appointed partner-in-solving-crime. And it turns out that Holly's cat is just the beginning! As the pair hunt for clues, Dirk spots other dragons flying over the city - and not the good kind.

Dirk has a hunch they might just be involved, but will he and Holly be able to prevent further cat-astrophe before it's too late?

The Dragon Detective series

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