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Witch Glitch

Witch Glitch

Published: 6 Oct 2016

Paperback / softback, 288 pages

Recommended for age 7+

By Sibeal Pounder

Illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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The Witch Wars witches are ready for their fourth adventure - complete with fashionable spells and unnecessary glitter!It's a new era for the Witch Wars witches. Felicity Bat is no longer evil, Tiga has at last found her mum and there's the whole of Silver City to explore. But it's not long before the witches find themselves at the centre of another adventure.

When a magical book called The Karens offers to grant Fran the Fabulous Fairy's dearest wish, it seems too good to be true. And it is. Before you can say 'frogknuckles', Tiga and the gang are in a race against time - can they save Fran before she explodes in a large ball of glittery dust?

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The Witch Wars series

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