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The Skies Above My Eyes

The Skies Above My Eyes

Published: 16 Aug 2018

Hardback, 20 pages

Recommended for age 5+ , 7+ and 9+

By Charlotte Guillain

Illustrated by Yuval Zommer

Published by Aurum Press

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Have you ever looked up and wondered what's going on high up in the skies above your eyes? Take a journey up into the air, through the atmosphere, way out into space and back down to Earth in this richly illustrated concertina book. Zoom past the technology that fills our skies, from helicopters, fighter jets, weather balloons, to satellites, hang-gliders and hot-air balloons. Discover the insects and animals that whizz through the skies, explore the layers of the atmosphere, and travel through the solar system and out to the galaxies far beyond.

The follow up to The Street Beneath My Feet, which dug down to the center of the Earth, this expansive concertina book opens out to an impressive 2.5 metres, perfect for inquisitive young minds. Begin your journey from the sidewalk of a busy city. Look up beyond the traffic lights, utility wires, and skyscrapers.

Unfold the connected pages to reveal the incredible man-made sights that you would see 20 kilometres above (a weather balloon), 50 kilometres above (a rocket blasting a capsule into space), 100 kilometres above (a space plane and satellites), 400 kilometres above (the International Space Station), 380,000 kilometres above (the Moon) and through our Solar System. Turn to the top of the other side to make your way beyond the Solar System to the hundreds of billions of galaxies filled with stars and planets we haven't discovered yet. Then start your journey back down through the amazing natural wonders you would see 10,000 kilometres above (a comet), 85 kilometres above (meteoroids burning up as they enter Earth's atmosphere), 11 kilometres above (a cumulonimbus cloud bringing thunder and lightning), 8 kilometres above (migrating storks), and down through the mountains, past trees, bats and butterflies to finally reach the ground again - this time in a grassy clearing of a forest, where you can imagine yourself lying on your back wondering at the thought of the whole universe above your head.

From jet trails to comets' tails, enjoy amazing sights as you journey through the skies. Explore even more of the world with The Street Beneath My Feet (March 2017) and The World Around Me (October 2020), companion books from the Look Closer series.

Tagged space, planets and stars

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