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The Boy Who Flew with Dragons

The Boy Who Flew with Dragons

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Andy Shepherd

Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

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The Boy Who Grew DragonsTomas can't imagine life without his little dragon Flicker.

He's become more than a pet - he's a friend like no other. And growing dragons on the dragonfruit tree in the garden with his friends Ted, Kat and Kai is the most amazing thing ever. But Tomas has promised Grandad something - that he and his friends will let their dragons go back to where they belong.

The only problem is - that isn't such an easy thing to do. Not when they are still having so much fun with dragons Flicker, Sunny, Crystal and Dodger. Not when they still have to work out where the dragons' home is, and how to get the dragons to leave.

And not when Tomas is so close to uncovering the true story of the mysterious dragonfruit tree ...

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