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Pea, Bee, & Jay: Stuck Together #1

Pea, Bee, & Jay: Stuck Together #1

Published: 1 Oct 2020

Paperback / softback, 64 pages

Recommended for age 5+

By Brian "Smitty" Smith

Illustrated by Brian "Smitty" Smith

Published by HarperCollins Publishers Inc

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Like all peas, Pea loves to roll. So when a no-good strawberry dares him to roll all the way off the farm, he swears he can do it—eazy me-zee!

But along the way, a powerful thunderstorm strikes and bounces Pea off course...and right into two unlikely new buds: a bee named Bee who thinks she knows it all, and a bird named Jay who can’t figure out how to fly.

On their own they may not look like much, but if this trio can stick together, they just might help Pea find his way back home!

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