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Nature Detectives:British Trees

Nature Detectives:British Trees

Published: 8 Sep 2016

Paperback / softback, 64 pages

Recommended for age 7+

By Victoria Munson

Published by Hachette Children's Group

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This easy-to-follow identification book will help children to find out about the most common trees found in Britain today. Full descriptions of the trees, along with their scientific name, size, family and habitat, will ensure you can recognise which tree is which. Stunning large colour photographs of the trees, their leaves, seeds and fruits, will help with easy identification.

Perfect for the National Curriculum, this book includes information about broadleaved trees and conifers, explaining the difference between deciduous trees and evergreens, and looks at how the parts of trees, from the leaves and bark to seeds and berries. Includes a fun step-by-step activity to help you create your own tree guide. Become a nature detective and explore the natural world around you.

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Nature Detectives:British Trees

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