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Lila and the Secret of Rain

Lila and the Secret of Rain

Published: 8 Oct 2009

Paperback / softback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By David Conway

Illustrated by Jude Daly

Published by Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

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This award-winning picture book tells with spare, elegant prose and poignant illustrations how Lila saves her Kenyan village by telling the sky the saddest thing she knows. For months the sun has burned down on Lila's village. It is too hot to gather firewood, or weed the garden.

It is even too hot to milk the cow. Without rain the well will run dry and the crops will fail. Lila is so worried that when her grandfather whispers the secret of rain to her, she sets off to talk to the sky herself.

Lila and the Secret of Rain introduces the topics of natural resources and the impact that extreme weather can have on people's lives in a tender way that children can relate to. With the added magic of folklore, the African setting sparks interest in our world's diverse cultures. Your heart will be drawn again and again to follow Lila in her quest to save her village with the secret of rain.

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