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How To Hide An Alien : 2

How To Hide An Alien : 2

Published: 7 Jul 2022

Paperback / softback, 224 pages

Recommended for age 9+

By Karen McCombie

Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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Life isn't easy, especially if you're from another planet... With his space-pod destroyed, the Star Boy is adapting to life on Earth with help from his friends Kiki and Wes, but Kiki's long list of don'ts is a constant reminder of how hard it is to pass for a convincing human. But more troubling for the Star Boy is the strange pings and pangs he's experiencing, and the hard-to-hide electrical surges that are worrying his human rescuers.

And when the Star Boy accidentally channels his true form onto the whiteboard of every class at Riverside Academy, things reach a whole new level of panic. With frenzied reports of an alien sighting trending on social media, how can Kiki and Wes keep their friend safe?

The How to be a Human series

How To Hide An Alien : 2
How to be a Human

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