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Freddie's Amazing Bakery:Dancing with Doughnuts

Freddie's Amazing Bakery: Dancing with Doughnuts

Published: 6 Aug 2020

Paperback / softback, 128 pages

Recommended for age 5+ and 7+

By Harriet Whitehorn

Illustrated by Alex G Griffiths

Published by Oxford University Press

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Freddie Bonbon is sweet by name and sweet by nature! He also runs the most amazing bakery in town. But not everyone appreciates Freddie's baking and rival baker Bernard will go to any lengths to find out the secret behind Freddie's delicious cakes and treats!

The Freddie's Bakery series

Freddie's Amazing Bakery: Dancing with Doughnuts
Freddie's Amazing Bakery: The Sticky Cake Race
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