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Darkwhispers: A Brightstorm Adventure

Darkwhispers: A Brightstorm Adventure

Published: 6 Feb 2020

Paperback / softback, 448 pages

Recommended for age 11+

By Vashti Hardy

Published by Scholastic

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The Brightstorm twins are back for another adventure!

Eudora Vane has organized an explorer fleet to search the Eastern Isles, the last known destination of missing adventurer Ermitage Wrigglesworth. Harriet Culpepper and the crew of the Aurora join the mission, but they don't believe that Eudora has good intentions. What is she really looking for?

The Brightstorm series

Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure
Firesong #3
Darkwhispers: A Brightstorm Adventure
In this interview, Vashti Hardy talks to Nikki Gamble about world-building, character naming and plotting. she introduces the Darkwhispers, her latest creation in the Brightstorm world. And there's a surprise fortune cookie to be opened, Will it predict good things for Vashti's latest novel?