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Charlie Changes Into a Chicken

Charlie Changes Into a Chicken

Published: 7 Feb 2019

Paperback / softback, 288 pages

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Sam Copeland

Illustrated by Sarah Horne

Published by Penguin Random House Children's UK

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He can change into animals. All sorts of animals: a flea, a pigeon, even a rhino. Trouble is, he can't decide when - it only happens when he gets worried.

And right now, Charlie has quite a lot to worry about:* His brother (who is in hospital)* His parents (who are panicking about it)* And the school bully (who has Charlie in his sights)And even though every kid wants a superhero power, Charlie isn't keen on changing into a chicken in the middle of the school play. So with the help of his three best friends, Charlie needs to find a way of dealing with his crazy new power - and fast!

This title features in our The Reading Journey selection.

Tagged anxieties and worries

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