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History Starting Points

Alfred the Great and the Anglo Saxons

Published: 12 Jul 2018

Paperback / softback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 7+

By David Gill

Published by Hachette Children's Group

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Fun, colourful biographies of key figures in history and the eventful eras in which they lived

It tells the story of the subject's life, using vital primary source material, such as what contemporary people wrote about the figure. Alongside this, each book builds up a vivid picture of the historical era in which the person lived, from Anglo-Saxon Britain to the civilisations of ancient Greece and Egypt. Included throughout are cross-curricular links to other key subject areas such as literacy, science or geography, and the text is supported by cartoon, myths and legends and fun craft projects to make. 

Tagged Anglo-Saxons

Alfred the Great and the Anglo Saxons