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Zedro Waste Kids

Zedro Waste Kids

Published: 15 Feb 2022

Paperback / softback, 128 pages

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Rob Greenfield

Published by Quarry Books

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Inspired by internationally acclaimed environmental activist, humanitarian, and adventurer Rob Greenfield, Zero Waste Kids fun and easy illustrated projects and activities that will help your family reduce, reuse, and recycle at home, at school, and in your community. While most kids probably aren't going to grow all their own food for a year like Rob has, Zero Waste Kids features fun and practical projects for growing some of your own food, with advice and encouragement for why doing so is important. And, instead of wearing all their trash for a week like Rob did, with Zero Waste Kids, they'll learn how to audit their trash, to really understand how much waste they're personally contributing to the earth's landfills.

Zero Waste Kids helps children to understand the world they live in and inspire them to start living more sustainably. Of all the environmental problems we face, "trash" is easiest to understand because it is very visual, whereas many other problems are more abstract. Zero-waste isn't the solution to the world's problems, but a very good place to start.

Zero-Waste projects include: Conduct a household trash audit to discover who throws away what and why. Swap disposable shopping bags and lunch boxes for reusable, zero-waste options. Compost your food scraps and grow your food.

Make natural-dye play dough, leaf prints, and more. Zero Waste Kids is every kid's go-to guide for making a difference. This book is printed on FSC-certified paper using soy inks.

Tagged green issues and reduce reuse recycle