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Welcome to Your World

Welcome to Your World

Published: 5 Mar 2020

Hardback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 3+ and 5+

By Smriti Halls

Illustrated by Jaime Kim

Published by Walker Books Ltd

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A stunning celebration of new life, nature and our precious world. Perfect for sharing with big and small. Welcome, little baby, round your mama curled.

Welcome, little baby. Welcome to your world. Journey along with a new small someone through our natural world, discovering the warmth and love that is found all around us.

From ice-capped mountains to the depths of the sea, through forests, plains and jungles, this book brims over with delicious parent and baby pairings - elephants, eagles, monkeys, polar bears and more! A lyrical, stunningly illustrated book that celebrates the wonders of nature, while also subtly calling to protect it. A must-have gift for a newborn!

Tagged animals and babies

Reviewed by Mary Roche

Welcome to Your World really appeals to me in my status as a first-time Granny. It is a hymn to the earth as well as a welcome to a new arrival.

Smriti Halls, author of the much loved Rain Before Rainbows, has provided a beautiful, gentle rhyming text that has a steady beat like a mother’s heartbeat.  Kim’s illustrations are lush and colourful and depict the amazing beauty of our earth. It is the light in these illustrations that I find so beautiful.

Whether we are located underwater, in the jungle, soaring in the sky, in the cold Arctic, on the savannah, floating on a moonlit lake, or in our own backyard, the illustrations highlight sympathetically and sensitively, the endless variety of flora and fauna on our planet.

But there is so much more here – we also witness the love between mothers and their babies. We can see the dependence and vulnerability of the young, as well as the care and attention of the mothers. And without hitting us over the head with its ecological message we are reminded that the earth is our responsibility: ‘Welcome to your world, it loves you through and through. Welcome to your world … will you love it too?’

I recommend this book as a gift for all new parents. It will also be a valuable teaching resource in early years and would sit nicely alongside Chitra Sounder’s  titles with a similar theme of maternal protection and connection with nature: You’re Safe With Me, You’re Snug with Me and You’re Strong with Me.

Dr Mary Roche is an education consultant. Passionate about the importance of dialogical pedagogy, literacy and children’s books in education, she is frequently invited to be a keynote speaker in Ireland and the UK. A former education lecturer and classroom teacher, Mary is the author of ‘Developing Children’s Critical Thinking through Picturebooks’ (Routledge 2015). A bookworm, she is at her happiest when immersed in good children’s literature.