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Published: 1 Feb 2018

Paperback / softback, 352 pages

Recommended for age 9+ and 11+

By P draig Kenny

Published by Chicken House Ltd

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Christopher is 'Proper': a real boy with a real soul, orphaned in a fire. He works for an engineer, a maker of the eccentric, loyal and totally individual mechanicals who are Christopher's best friends. But after an accident, Christopher realizes he isn't as Proper as he thought ...

Tagged robots

Reviewed by Lucy Timmons

Tin gets under your skin… well if you’re a ‘proper’ sentient human. It’s a brilliant arrangement by Pádraig Kenny, through which children and teachers can question what it means to be human.

Contrasting worlds collide throughout – ornate historical and modern mechanical, human and inhuman, friendship and malevolence, macabre and comforting.

There is also a sense of social injustice creeping through an ironic exploration of modernisation reviving almost a Dickensian social structure.

Not only that, in this age of technology rapidly replacing humans in so many ways, this is a fictional island where children and adults can escape to explore what this means for the future of humankind. Devotion, betrayal and subterfuge are rife making for a gripping and, at moments, breath-taking story.

Such an exciting book for teachers to use on so many levels! Tin is a must for school libraries and every upper junior classroom reading area along with Pog, as well as a core text for teachers to plan an entire term of learning around. I know we will be! I cannot recommend this book enough.

You can read a review of Kenny’s latest novel The Monsters of Rookhaven.

Lucy Timmons is a professionally trained actress and Executive Head teacher based in South East London. Her keen passion is the use of 'Rehearsal Room Pedagogy' as both a medium to create a constructivist approach to learning for children and professionals.

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