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The Wall in the Middle of the Book

The Wall in the Middle of the Book

Published: 3 Oct 2019

Paperback / softback, 48 pages

Recommended for age 3+ , 5+ and 7+

By Jon Agee

Illustrated by Jon Agee

Published by Scallywag Press

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This title features in our Reading Gladiators™ selection.

A little knight is very happy that his wall protects him from the dangers that are sure to lurk on the other side. 

There's a wall in the middle of the book, and our hero-a young knight-is sure that the wall protects his side of the book from the dangers of the other side-like an angry tiger and giant rhino, and worst of all, an ogre who would gobble him up in a second! However, he is too busy mending a hole in his wall to notice the mounting dangers on his own side. Our knight doesn't seem to notice the crocodile and growing sea of water that are emerging on his side. When he's almost over his head and calling for help, who will come to his rescue? An individual who isn't as dangerous as the knight thought-from a side of the book that might just have some positive things to offer after all! Jon Agee is brilliant in his use of the page turn, visual storytelling, and deadpan humour, and appeals to fans of Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen.

Tagged community and social justice

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