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The Treekeepers

The Treekeepers

Published: 1 Sep 2022

Hardback, 304 pages

Recommended for age 9+

By Kieran Larwood

Illustrated by Chris Wormell

Published by Faber & Faber

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Here come the roots of the Shadow Tree.

Whatever they touch will never get free.

Liska lives in Arborven, a city surrounding an extraordinary tree that gives all those living there special powers. As a shapeshifter, Liska is training as a warrior. When she discovers that the Tree is under threat, it is her duty to act - but she can't convince anyone to listen to her.

So with Lug, whose power over earthworms is dismissed as useless, and a ghost girl, Elowen, she goes on an epic journey to defeat the worst threat their world has ever known.

Illustrated by Chris Wormell this is a richly woven and thrilling fantasy with a wonderful affinity between humankind and nature - a current and vital message for young readers everywhere.

Tagged plants and trees

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