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The Story of the Snow Children

The Story of the Snow Children

Published: 7 Oct 2021

Hardback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 5+

By Sibylle von Olfers

Published by Floris Books

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Poppy is watching the snow fall outside her window when she realises the snowflakes are really snow children, dancing and swirling in the air. They ask Poppy to join them and whisk her away to the Snow Queen's wintery kingdom. In the sparkling ice palace, she enjoys a feast served by snowmen and dances merrily with the snow princess.

And when she is tired and homesick, the Snow Queen sends Poppy safely home to her mother on a silver sleigh pulled by snow bears. Sibylle von Olfers' vintage stories of nature children have been loved by generations. The whimsical tales are accompanied by beautiful art nouveau illustrations of characterful creatures, cheerful plants and flowers and magical little folk.

This wonderful mini gift edition of The Story of the Snow Children faithfully reproduces Olfers' classic illustrations. 

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