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The Story of Captain Nemo

The Story of Captain Nemo

Published: 29 Nov 2018

Paperback / softback, 104 pages

Recommended for age 9+ and 11+

By Dave Eggers

Illustrated by Fabian Negrin

Published by Pushkin Children's Books

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First paperback edition of one of the bestselling Save the Story titles: a teenage boy and his uncle embark on the adventure of their lives.

"Don't you worry, son. Whatever it is that's been killing the sailors, I will kill it."In this science-fiction classic - reimagined by Dave Eggers in modern times, and from the point of view of the fourteen-year-old Consuelo - the famous oceanographer Pierre Arronax sets sail from New York. His aim: to hunt down a mysterious sea-monster that has been terrorising the oceans, wrecking ship after ship and causing countless deaths.

But they discover an even stranger truth: the 'sea-monster' is in fact a submarine, captained by Nemo, and he is living in self-imposed exile in international waters. Consuelo and Arronax join Nemo on the submarine, and so begin their exciting adventures...

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