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The Place for Me

The Place for Me

Published: 3 Jun 2021

Hardback, 144 pages

Recommended for age 9+

By Dame Floella Benjamin , K. N. Chimbiri , Judy Hepburn and E. L. Norry

Published by Scholastic

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Explore the lives of the Windrush generation in this full-colour anthology. With a foreword from Baroness Floella Benjamin, DBE. This book presents 12 moving tales of sacrifice and bravery, inspired by first-hand accounts of the Windrush generation.

"Home ain't jus' where you live. Home is your heart an' yer history." Each inspiring story helps to bring the real experience of Black British people into focus. Produced in partnership with Black Cultural Archives to honour the Windrush generation.

Includes ten photo-packed fact sections. The contributors: K. N.Chimbiri, Kevin George, Salena Godden, Judy Hepburn, Ashley Hickson-Lovence, Kirsty Latoya, Katy Massey, E. L. Norry, Quincy the Comedian, Jermain Jackman.

With cover art by Joelle Avelino. Black Cultural Archives is the only national heritage centre dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of Black people in Britain. 50p from every copy sold goes to BCA.

The British Black History (primary) pack

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  • Windrush Child
  • Lands of Belonging
  • Black and British: An Illustrated History
  • Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by Country
  • Respect
  • Diver's Daughter: A Tudor Story
  • Journey Back to Freedom : The Olaudah Equiano Story
  • The Extraordinary Life of Mary Seacole
  • Freedom
  • Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History
  • Little Leaders: Exceptional Men in Black History
  • Timelines from Black History : Leaders, Legends, Legacies
  • Black and British: A short, essential history
  • The Story of the Windrush
  • Empire's End - A Roman Story
  • Son of the Circus - A Victorian Story
  • Black Poppies
  • Granny Came Here on the Empire Windrush
  • Walter Tull's Scrapbook
  • African Migrations
  • The Place for Me
  • The Story of Britain's Black Airmen
  • Now or Never: A Dunkirk Story
  • Bright Stars of Black British History
  • Hear Our Voices
  • Stolen History: The Truth About The British Empire and How it Shaped Us
  • A Nest of Vipers (30)
  • A Nest of Vipers (15)
  • Brilliant Black British History
  • The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries: Drama and Danger #1

The Windrush pack

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  • Coming to England
  • Windrush Child
  • The Good Turn
  • John Agard's Windrush Child
  • The Story of the Windrush
  • Granny Came Here on the Empire Windrush
  • The Place for Me
  • A Ladybird Book: Windrush
  • John Agard's Windrush Child
  • We Sang Across the Sea