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The Memory Cage

The Memory Cage

Published: 1 Jun 2017

Paperback / softback, 240 pages

Recommended for age 9+ and 11+

By Ruth Eastham

Published by Vertebrate Publishing Ltd

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No child should have to live through a war. No child should have to see what Alex has seen. He's locked it all away in a secret place but, one day, the ticking time bomb in his mind has to detonate.

Alex's family want to help, but they have other problems. Only Alex's beloved grandfather can answer his questions about family secrets. But Grandad is scarred by a war of his own - and his memories are fading fast as the effects of Alzheimer's grip him.

Time is running out for Alex. Only by unlocking the terrors of the memory cage for both of them, can he hope to escape the nightmares.