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The Life of Aflred Wallis

The Life of Aflred Wallis

Published: 15 Apr 2021

Hardback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Molly Russon

Published by Unicorn Publishing Group

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This is the story of Cornish fisherman-turned-artist Alfred Wallis, whose paintings of boats from his past inspired the future of British modern art. Told from Wallis' perspective - inspired by his crudely written letters to Jim Ede - this book takes the reader through his remarkable life; his early sailing days, his late arrival to painting, his encounters with 'proper' artists and his battle with mental health. Wallis' naive yet poignant work has captured the imagination of many.

His paintings are a portal into Wallis' world of ships, boats and the sea; and his deep concern for preserving 'what used to be'.

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