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The Dog Squad : Book 2

The Dog Squad : Book 2

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Andrew Clover

Illustrated by Ralph Lazar

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Hello, Iam Rory Branagan.

I am ACTUALLY a detective. One day, I will be the biggest detective in the world! And I will find out what happened to my Dad... But today, a CRIME has been committed on my OWN road.

Someone is stealing dogs! What if they try to take Wilkins Welkin - my best friend who is also a sausage dog? I need to find these stinking baddies and I need to stop them! And THAT, friends, is what Rory does, with the help of his Accomplice, Cassidy, in a BOOMTASTIC adventure involving dogs, cats, a wheelie bin chariot, a brave and daring rescue and Mrs Welkin, who fights crime in quite a surprising way. (Just you wait! Just you wait!) 

Tagged detectives and spies

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