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The Curse of the Tomb Robbers

The Curse of the Tomb Robbers

Published: 1 Sep 2022

Paperback / softback, 48 pages

Recommended for age 7+

By Andy Seed

Illustrated by James Weston Lewis

Published by Nosy Crow Ltd

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Learn how to read hieroglyphs in this compelling puzzle adventure story, published 200 years after the Rosetta Stone was deciphered! Written by award-winning author Andy Seed, in consultation with experts at the British Museum, and sumptuously illustrated in colour by highly acclaimed artist James Weston Lewis. When ancient Egyptian friends, Nub and Iteti, overhear a gang of tomb robbers plotting to raid Queen Neith's tomb, they set off on a quest to stop them. But there are many clues and puzzles to solve along the way, from a suspicious list of hieroglyphic words in the marketplace to a confusing maze across the River Nile.

Will they get there in time to stop the robbers from unleashing a terrible curse? And who was behind the evil plot all along?

With breathtaking artwork, fascinating facts about ancient Egypt and a fold-out guide at the back of the book, which explains how to read hieroglyphs and contains an easy-to-use hieroglyphic dictionary, this is the perfect book for children who love history and hair-raising adventures. Featuring hieroglyphic messages, mazes, logic puzzles and more, children will enjoy immersing themselves in ancient Egypt and taking part in the story. A page of solutions is included at the end of the book.

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