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The Bad Day

The Bad Day

Published: 2 Apr 2020

Paperback / softback, 40 pages

Recommended for age 3+ and 5+

By Frann Preston-Gannon

Published by Templar Publishing

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This hilarious story about the mishaps of a group of woodland friends contains a powerful message about working together.

Tagged co-operation

Reviewed by Aimee Durning

The Bad Day is a celebration of the power of a woodland community by Frann Preston-Gannon .

I recommend this book wholeheartedly. I love powerful front covers, which feature a little bit of sparkly gold. My eyes were drawn towards the golden embossed acorn and oak leaves. Rich classroom dialogue could be had just about the front cover alone. Squirrel is so close, yet so far. Why does he look so worried? Why is it a bad day?

After reading the first page, the rhythm and rhyme reminding me of Julia Donaldson’s books, I know I am in for a real treat.

Even though squirrel thought that he was going to have a wonderful day, things did not work out as planned. The other animals within the woods experience similar difficulties but little mouse finds himself in a perilous situation. Collectively the animals band together to improve mouse’s day.

The Bad Day is perfect for EYFS and Key Stage One for many reasons. The style of writing will aid children’s phonological awareness. Challenging children to listen for the rhyming words. Furthermore, rich discussion facilitated about the power of community. Coming together as a team as opposed to working along. In addition, the book demonstrates characteristics of resilience and empathy, for without these, who knows what would have happened to the poor mouse.

Aimee works at the University of Cambridge Primary School as the Lead Learning Coach (TA) and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. She loves reading and sharing her passion for children’s literature with everyone she meets. Another passion of Aimee’s is educational success for all children and she endeavours to assist children to reach their full potential.