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Space Maps : Your Tour of the Universe

Space Maps Your Tour of the Universe

Published: 3 Sep 2020

Hardback, 96 pages

Recommended for age 7+ , 9+ and 11+

By Lara Albanese

Illustrated by Tommaso Vidus Rosin

Published by What on Earth Publishing Ltd

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Are you ready to begin your journey through space? Then all you have to do is look up into the night sky. What can you see?Marvel at the twinkling stars, and the constellations that they make. Learn about what different cultures call each shape and what the patterns means to them.

Then get ready to venture farther - out into the solar system and past what the naked eye can see. Hop from planet to planet and discover what makes Earth different, or similar, to its celestial neighbours. Marvel at the ways that humans have explored our solar system, and beyond, with space shuttles, rockets and probes.

There is a whole wide universe out there, with secrets and mysteries to solve. Grab your telescope and get ready for the intergalactic journey of a lifetime!

Tagged maps , science and space, planets and stars

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