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Sharks: a might bite-y history

Sharks: a might bite-y history

Published: 12 May 2022

Hardback, 80 pages

Recommended for age 9+

By Miriam Forster

Illustrated by Gordy Wright

Published by Abrams

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Sharks are some of the oldest creatures on the earth (or, rather, in its waters.) This epic survey follows sharks from their earliest appearance in the Paleozoic era up through the challenges they face today. Along the way, readers will meet many sharks from different historical points. They will get an up-close evolutionary look at what makes a shark shark-like: their skin, teeth, fins, and more. And they will get a crash course in archaeological time, as the book mostly covers prehistoric or modern-day sharks who have been around much longer than humans.

Like the hammerhead, who has been patrolling tropical coastlines for more than 20 million years!

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