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Prairie Boy

Prairie Boy

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Barb Rosenstock

Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

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Frank Lloyd Wright, a young boy from the prairie, becomes America's first world-famous architect in this engaging and inspirational nonfiction picture book introducing organic architecture -a style he created based on the relationship between buildings and the natural world - and transformed the American home. Frank Lloyd Wright loved the Wisconsin prairie where he was born, with its wide-open sky and waves of tall grass. As his family moved across the United States, young Frank found his own home in shapes: rectangles, triangles, half-moons, and circles.

When he returned to his beloved prairie, Frank pursued a career in architecture. But he didn't think the Victorian-era homes found there fit the prairie landscape. Using his knowledge and love of shapes, Frank created houses more organic to the land.

He redesigned the American home inside and out, developing a truly unique architectural style that celebrated the country's landscape and lifestyle. Author Barb Rosenstock and artist Christopher Silas Neal explore the early life and creative genius of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, highlighting his passion, imagination, and ingenuity.

Tagged buildings and architecture and significant lives