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Penguin Huddle

Penguin Huddle

Published: 3 Nov 2022

Hardback, 40 pages

Recommended for age 5+

By Ross Montgomery

Illustrated by Sarah Warburton

Published by Walker Books Ltd

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The penguin pack play all day long. And when the sun goes down, and the night grows cold and dark..."PENGUIN HUDDLE!" The penguins squeeze and squish together to stay warm and cosy.

But one night, there is a freezing gale. And the next morning ... the penguins are stuck! They are frozen together like a giant penguin ice pop.

What a penguin MUDDLE! Nobody in the Antarctic can figure out how to unstick them. But Pipsqueak, the smallest penguin of them all, has a brilliant idea... To solve their penguin puzzle, they must adventure out of their snowy home to a vibrant city across the great, gleaming ocean.

This light-hearted tale of jolly penguins big and small is a celebration of friendship, community spirit and helping those in trouble. 

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