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One Little Bird

One Little Bird

Published: 4 Feb 2021

Paperback / softback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 5+ and 7+

By Sheryl Webster

Illustrated by Helen Shoesmith

Published by Oxford University Press

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When a man cuts down little bird Rosa's tree, she makes herself a new nest at the top of his house and refuses to budge!

Tagged birds and environment

Reviewed by Jane Atkin

One Little Bird by Sheryl Webster and Helen Shoesmith is a picturebook that will please children and adults alike with an environmental message.

Rosa the robin is happy in her treetop home until an overzealous gardener decides that this tree needs to be chopped down. This starts a chain of animal uprising, sparked by Rosa, the ‘one little bird’, and ends with her message to the animals and humans of the world.

Sheryl Webster’s story, matched with Helen Shoesmith’s charming illustrations, tells of wider environmental issues and the impact of man’s destruction of animal habitats. The double-page spreads give much to feast your eyes on and to talk about, whether you’re reading this as a bedtime story or as part of a topic in school on animal habitats or changes to the local environment. This would slot in very well to a class library and I’m sure children will take much pleasure in spotting all the details in the illustrations.

One Little Bird is a light-hearted take on looking after where you live and thinking about what we leave behind. There is a message from the author on the inside back cover with ways that children can get involved in looking after the planet, from insect hunts to becoming mini gardeners and eco-warriors.


I am a Year 6 teacher in a Wandsworth Primary School and have a wealth of experience across key stage 2. Although I lead on science and PSHE at my school, I have always had a keen interest in children's literature. I love reading aloud to children and I would hope that there are hundreds of my ex pupils who will remember me for being mad about all things purple and for loving books. When I'm not reading I can be found either coaxing things to grow, creating knitted stuff or going to see live music. I also wear quirky jewellery!

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