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On This Day

On This Day

Published: 28 Oct 2021

Hardback, 376 pages

Recommended for age 9+ and 11+


Published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd

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Journey through the history of the world, one day at a time!If you ever wondered what happened on your birthday 100 years ago, or on Christmas in the year 800 or even Halloween several years ago, then this history book is perfect for you! Discover what happened on each day of the year with this fascinating visual adventure through time. On This Day is not your ordinary history reference book. Inside the pages, you will find the following:- Key historical events are arranged by their date in the year - Mixes serious history with fun facts for children and bizarre events- War, peace, inventions, science, sport, people - all in an eclectic, visual mix- Birthdays that are shared by famous historical figures and modern celebrities - A fun, accessible way to enjoy history 

ry and fascinating facts, as well as modern events, so everyone will be entertained.

Packed with historical photographs and quirky illustrations that visualise the events of the past on a day to day basis, this non-fiction fact book is a fun way for parents and educators to teach children about historical events.