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Meerkat Madness Flying High

Meerkat Madness Flying High

Recommended for age 7+

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The Really Mad Mob is expanding! With new faces joining familiar ones in Far Burrow, the thrill-seeking meerkat pups have more exciting adventures ahead of them.

Join Uncle Fearless and the intrepid pups in a brand new, sky-high Kalahari escapade! 

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The Book Band Brown

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Expertly book banded, our selection of books takes into account a range of features including length, readability and literary features. For example, at Brown level readers will be increasingly confident at distinguishing the narrator’s voice in a fiction story from the characters’ voices through figurative, idiomatic and literary language. They will be becoming adept at understanding that a story that is told through dialogue and action to ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’ the plot.

While readers progress at different rates, Brown level is indicative of average reading attainment in years 3 - 4.