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Little Goose's Autumn

Little Goose's Autumn

Published: 3 Sep 2020

Paperback / softback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 3+ and 5+

By Elli Woollard

Illustrated by Briony May Smith

Published by Pan Macmillan

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As summer fades to autumn, a lively young goose feels a change in the air and senses she has something important to do - but what? The beavers are chopping wood, the squirrels are storing nuts in the ground and the bears are busy building a den. The plucky little goose tries to join in, but without great success.

She realizes her wings weren't built for chopping wood, or burying food, or building a den, but they were built for something magnificent - they were built for flight . . .

A beautiful, lyrical and hopeful story about finding your wings and your place in the world.

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