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Listen to the Language of the Trees

Listen to the Language of the Trees

Published: 1 Apr 2022

Hardback, 40 pages

Recommended for age 7+

By Tera Kelley

Illustrated by Marie Hermansson

Published by Sourcebooks, Inc

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Listen to the Language of the Trees captures the magic of talking trees that take care of their neighbors (not to mention the mysterious fungi that help them do it).

A lyrical read-aloud, Listen to the Language of the Trees is the story of a seedling, newly sprouted at the base of a giant tree, as it stretches its roots into an underground web of fungi, through which the trees pass messages and share resources. It will take great luck for this tiny seedling to survive, but it will have help!

The Douglas Fir forest also harbors creatures like a zany Yellow Pine chipmunk gathering and forgetting seed cones, an owl nested in the giant tree, and chattering Steller's jays.

And, as we must never forget, no part of the forest is entirely free from danger!

Tagged plants and trees