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Its Only Stanley

It's Only Stanley

Published: 1 Sep 2020

Hardback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 3+ , 5+ , 7+ and 9+

By Jon Agee

Illustrated by Jon Agee

Published by Scallywag Press

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A hilarious 'night in the life of' a family who are kept awake by the antics of their talented dog, Stanley, only discover at the end just what Stanley is up to!

'The Wimbledons were sleeping. It was very, very late,When Wilma heard a spooky sound, Which made her sit up straight. "That's very odd," said Walter.
"I don't recognize the tune..." "It's only Stanley," Walter said. "He's howling at the moon."'

Whoever heard of a dog who can sing, cook and do DIY around the house? He makes a lot of noise and mess, but he's forgiven as does mend the TV. Not until the very end do we, or the hapless Wimbledon family, see just exactly what Stanley the dog has been planning all along!

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