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I Love My Cat

I Love My Cat

Published: 4 Jul 2022

Paperback / softback, 32 pages

By Sam Usher

Illustrated by Sam Usher

Published by Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

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Aditi the cat is loved by her little girl, but her owner is heartbroken when she disappears! Will she be found? This beautifully illustrated rhyming story will be loved by children and parents alike. I love my cat That shiny black fur That tiny white ring that goes right round the tip of her tail I think it means she might be magic!A little girl loves her cat, from the tip of her tail to the way she opens doors and even has taught herself to drink from the tap! But one day, the cat tries to nibble at her toast and she won't stop, and then she digs her claws in, and then they both fall over... and the little girl shouts, 'Out!'She is heartbroken when the cat doesn't come home for dinner.

But after a week of the cat being missing, finally she returns. This beautifully illustrated title has lyrical rhyming text from award-winning children's poet and author Simon Mole which will brings the narrative to life. This is the follow-up to I Love My Bike and is the second in a picture-book series based on first experiences and the magic in the everyday.

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