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How To Be More Hedgehog

How To Be More Hedgehog

Published: 1 Sep 2022

Paperback / softback, 208 pages

Recommended for age 9+

By Anne-Marie Conway

Published by UCLan Publishing

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Lily has a stammer. The signal between her brain and mouth is all messed up - and it's getting worse. When a video of her practising her class presentation is uploaded onto YouTube - head thrust forward, eyelids fluttering, lips stretched wide - Lily's nightmare begins.

Cyberbullying, kids at school whispering, even best friend Mia laughing behind her back. Lily's confidence takes a nose-dive, and she can only see one way out: run away to Dad in Scotland and start all over again. But Lily quickly realises that running away isn't the answer - that her stammer will follow her wherever she goes..

Tagged bullying , disability , friends and school , friendship , Read for Empathy 2024 , speech and language and UKLA 2023 7 - 10+ Award

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