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Published: 1 Apr 2021

Paperback / softback, 40 pages

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Pete Oswald

Illustrated by Pete Oswald

Published by Walker Books Ltd

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Take to the trails for a celebration of nature - and a day spent with Dad. In the cool and quiet early light of morning, a father and child wake up. Today they're going on a hike.

Follow the duo into the mountains as they witness the magic of the wilderness, overcome challenges, and play a small role in the survival of the forest. By the time they return home, they feel alive - and closer than ever - as they document their hike and take their place in family history. In detail-rich panels and textured panoramas, Pete Oswald perfectly paces this nearly wordless adventure, allowing readers to pause for subtle wonders and marvel at the views.

A touching tribute to the bond between father and child, with resonant themes for Earth Day, Hike is a breath of fresh air.

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