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Published: 1 Oct 2022

Hardback, 28 pages

Recommended for age 5+ and 7+

By Clotilde Perrin

Illustrated by Clotilde Perrin

Translated by Daniel Hahn

Published by Gecko Press

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An exquisite fairy tale lift-the-flaps hide-and-seek from the international bestselling author of Inside the Villains.

"Quick, hide!" Chased by monsters - a hairball, a stinkwart and a creeper - each hairier and stinkier than the one before, a child needs to find shelter in three famous fairytale houses. The Three Little Pigs' brick home, Sleeping Beauty's palace and Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread mansion.

Lift the flaps big and small to discover curious places for the child's best chance to hide. Knock on the door of the Little Pigs' bathroom, open up Hansel and Gretel's oven (if you dare!) or see who's already inside Sleeping Beauty's stopped clock.

The hero of our story has read their story books and knows how to vanquish villains, causing the monsters to flee.

This intricately produced large fold-out book is like no other: a celebration of fairy tales and child empowerment full of humour and detail on every page. Over 40 interactive elements to mesmerize pre-schoolers and independent readers.

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