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Epic Animal Journeys : Migration and navigation by air, land and sea

Epic Animal Journeys : Migration and navigation by air, land and sea

Published: 3 Nov 2022

Hardback, 72 pages

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Ed Brown

Published by Cicada Books

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All the branches of the animal kingdom - birds, fish, crustaceans, reptiles, mammals, insects, and even slime moulds undertake great journeys across water land or air. This is a glorious celebration of the mysteries and marvels of migration. Migration is one of the great mysteries of the natural world.

With no compass or GPS devices, birds fly thousands of miles from Europe to their African feeding grounds, salmon cross oceans so that they may return to the rivers in which they were born, and monarch butterflies spend their entire adult lives travelling from the grasslands of the Midwest to the forests of Mexico. This book takes a close look at how and why different animals migrate. The science of migration is broken down into clearly understood texts and then brought to life in case studies of individual species.

Simple text packed with fascinating facts and details is accompanied by eye-catching illustrations illuminating the fragility and wonders of our extraordinary planet and its species.

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