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Do Something for Someone Else

Do Something for Someone Else

Published: 1 Apr 2021

Hardback, 32 pages

Recommended for age 3+ and 5+

By Loll Kirby and Michael Platt

Illustrated by Yas Imamura

Published by Magic Cat Publishing

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Meet 12 reallife children spreading kindness with simple acts of everyday activism.

Meet kids - just like you - whose small acts of kindness are changing the lives of others. Learn about the work they do and discover how the future of our world starts here... with you.

Features a how-to-help section, with simple steps to inspire young readers to take action at home and at school

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The Kindness pack

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  • The Perfect Shelter
  • The Invisible
  • The Tale of the Tiny Man
  • I Walk With Vanessa
  • The Smile Shop
  • Hugo
  • The Suitcase
  • The Cat Man of Aleppo
  • The New Girl
  • Kindness Grows
  • Bird House
  • The Trouble with Earth
  • One Tiny Dot
  • Forgotten Fairy Tales of Kindness and Courage
  • Pass It On
  • New In Town
  • The Neighbourhood Surprise
  • Each Kindness
  • Last Stop on Market Street
  • The Soup Movement
  • The Good Guys 50 Heroes Who Changed the World with Kindness

The kindness set

A set of books with the theme Kindness.