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Dearest One

Dearest One

Published: 4 Apr 2022

Hardback, 32 pages

By Arielle Dance

Illustrated by Jenny Duke

Published by Lantana Publishing

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Imagine the words your grandmother might say if she wrote you a letter... Perhaps she would encourage you to embrace the rain, or shine your light for all to see. Perhaps she would remind you to take up space and choose your path, knowing that whichever path you take will be the right one because it’s yours. Perhaps she would tell you you are loved. Perhaps she would start the letter, “Dearest One.” A gorgeous keepsake for a growing child, these inspirational words of wisdom passed down from older generations to the young will help little ones everywhere navigate the joys and sorrows of childhood with positivity, strength, and love.

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Reviewed by Erin Hamilton

This is a moving and emotional book written with wisdom and love to the next generation. Imagine if your grandmother, grandfather or older relative began sharing their learned knowledge and experience with the youngest in your family, what would they say and what would they hope for you for the future?

With overwhelming messages of kindness, love and truth this love letter is joyous, thought-provoking and wonderful. Having lost my beloved grandmother a year ago, I was unable to read this without tears forming and it made me think about my own children and the hopes and dreams I have for them. I want them to feel true love and to find their passion but I also want them to be kind, offer support to those in need and be who they are meant to be. Is there anything greater than that?

This would be a gorgeous gift book for a newborn or for the formation of a new family, to serve as a reminder of love and strength for the future. Inspirational and heartfelt, these snippets of wonder could be read and shared within a class, assembly or newsletter as a reminder from the school that we all want similar things for our children.

Wonderful illustrations grace each page and as a reader, we can feel the wisdom of each page, from being kind to ourselves to sharing our ancestry stories loudly and proudly. What an absolute treasure of a book to share with children and adults of all ages – these messages are vital to us all and have the power to bring us together!

"I am a Reading Advocate for a trust of schools based in Suffolk. I went from being a full-time primary teacher to a librarian when my love of children's literature really took hold. It is now a full-time job reading and sharing high quality children's books with my schools, colleagues and students. When I am not reading, I am spending time with my family and friends."