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Darwins Dragons by Lindsay Galvin

Darwin's Dragons

Published: 7 Jan 2021

Paperback / softback, 256 pages

Recommended for age 9+ and 11+

By Lindsay Galvin

Published by Chicken House Ltd

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Syms Covington has landed the job of a lifetime on Charles Darwin's ship. But after being shipwrecked on a Galapagos island, he makes a discovery that could change the world - and make his fortune. Should he share his find, or will it lead to the extinction of a legendary species?

Tagged Charles Darwin , class novel choice , dragons , evolution , islands and Victorians

Lindsay Galvin visited me In The Reading Corner to talk about her new novel Darwin's Dragons. Set on the Galapagos during Darwin's Voyage on the Beagle, Linday's story is a magical blend of fact and fiction.

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