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Ballet Bunnies: Millie's Birthday

Ballet Bunnies: Millie's Birthday

Recommended for age 5+ and 7+

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It's Millie's birthday, and the Ballet Bunnies are coming to stay at her house! She's going to have a ballet-themed party with all of her friends-all she's got to do is keep the Ballet Bunnies hidden from everyone, including her mum. How hard can that be?But when everyone arrives Millie starts to feel a bit anxious. Everyone is so loud, and she feels a bit out of control.

Can the Ballet Bunnies help her to find her courage, and get into the party spirit?With a Ballet Bunny on your side, fun and laughter are never far away. Beautifully-illustrated stories with heart; perfect for newly emerging readers who love ballet and bunnies!

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