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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs

Published: 3 May 2012

Paperback / softback, 48 pages

Recommended for age 7+ and 9+

By Marcia Williams

Illustrated by Marcia Williams

Published by Walker Books Ltd

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Nine stories of Ancient Egypt, wittily retold in comic-strip style. Full of mystery and adventure, the stories of the Egyptian pharaohs and their ancient gods are steeped in thousands of years of history. From the creation myth to the curse of Tutankhamen and the fall of Cleopatra, Marcia Williams' classic comic strip retellings bring new life to the myths and wonders of this ancient civilization. 

This title features in our The Reading Journey selection.

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In this episode Marcia Williams talks about the importance of emotional vocabulary and equipping children with coping strategies. Listen:

The Ancient Egyptians

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