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Africana : An encyclopedia of an amazing continent

Africana : An encyclopedia of an amazing continent

Published: 4 Oct 2022

Hardback, 96 pages

Recommended for age 9+ and 11+

By Kim Chakanetsa

Illustrated by Mayowa Alabi

Published by Wide Eyed Editions

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Discover the incredible history and diversity of the African continent in all its splendour with this beautifully illustrated and fact-filled encyclopedia. This fascinating and beautiful book is divided into broad geographical sections which celebrate and showcase the peoples, landscapes and wildlife from different regions of this great continent. Bright and bold illustrations bring these facts to life. Learn about the astonishing history of the continent, as the birthplace of the very first human beings, through rich historical civilisations such as the ancient Egyptians, the Benin Empire and the Kingdom of Kush, up to the development of the dynamic cities of the modern day.

Africana explores:

  • The beautiful visual cultures and artwork from across Africa, including the printed cottons of Guinea and the mud cloth of Mali
  • Famous figures from African history and modern-day changemakers
  • The incredible landscapes and wildlife of the continent, ranging from the deserts of the north, the rainforests of the central regions and the savannahs of the south 

Tagged Africa and UKLA 2023 Information Book Award

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