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Adventures in Time:The Second World War

Adventures in Time:The Second World War

Published: 1 Jul 2021

Hardback, 368 pages

Recommended for age 9+ and 11+

By Dominic Sandbrook

Published by Penguin Books Ltd

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Take a journey to a vanished world with the ADVENTURES IN TIME* series - stories so exciting you won't believe they're all true'

Everything was ready. The air was thick with excitement. This was D-Day...' Prepare to enter the most dramatic conflict the world has ever seen, as historian Dominic Sandbrook takes us on a spine-tingling, heart-stopping adventure.

We witness the Second World War first-hand through the eyes of ordinary people living in extraordinary times, from the women who worked all night in factories to the chess players who cracked unbreakable codes. Because in total war, no life is left untouched... The Adventures in Time series brings the past alive for twenty-first-century children.

These stories are every bit as exciting as those of Harry Potter or Matilda Wormwood. The only difference is they actually happened... *(Perfect for all readers who enjoy tales of heroes, villains, battles, escapes, codebreakers and a secret agent known as the Hedgehog)

The Adventures in Time series

Adventures in Time:The Second World War
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